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From Jill Cris:
"i am a graphic designer by profession. suggestion lang: maybe it’s best to put the video grab from the party in the same proportion as the other photos in the billboard. syempre, it would look bigger if you post it on a different size. that would make for a more logical comparison, don’t you think?"

Dear Jill,
Good idea.
I tried my best to put the two photos together on Illustrator and got this:

Apologies to Sharon. It does look like her body at the launch matches the billboard’s “after” photo.However, it’s the head/hairstyle/makeup that look deceiving. Such a hairstyle (at left) would make anyone’s face smaller.
At the launch Sharon also had two chins; in the billboard, there was one chin.
I’m watching Sharon on TV now and her chin does look smaller.
So sana they launched her with the same hair, outfit and makeup para walang issue. Or they shot the billboard photos with the same kind of makeup. 

Then again if they put the “before” photo next to the launch photo, there’s not much difference.Conclusion? Blame it on Marie France. While Sharon may have lost some weight, maybe not enough for a billboard.


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